“Good teams are committed to the team mission and to each other personally. Good leaders inspire and build this commitment and trust.” – Lee Ellis

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Link - U.S. Air Force Public Affairs | Veterans in Blue Video Interview - Lee's Story

Link - CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin | Lee Ellis Responds to Trump Comments Re: McCain

Link - Fox and Friends - Fox News Channel | Former POW, Lee Ellis, Slams Writer Who Claims Flag is Racist

Link - C-SPAN | Q&A Interview with C-SPAN Founder, Brian Lamb

Link - Arise America | Bowe Bergdahl Back on Duty with Lee Ellis

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Lee Ellis Keynote Address - Recent Presentation

Lee Describes the Dramatic Details of His POW Shoot Down and Capture

CNN Newsroom - Live Interview

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

Alternate Link - ABC World News Interview

Lee Ellis - "Fox & Friends" - Fox News Channel

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Link - Lee Ellis Keynote Address - Recent Presentation

Link - InTouch with Dr Charles Stanley | Program Title: "The Price of Freedom"


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Link - Fox and Friends - January 2013: Leading with Honor

Link - Leaders with Ginni Thomas: An Interview with Lee Ellis

Link - Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)

Link - Live with Megyn Kelly: Lee's Interview Regarding a CBS Apology

Link - Leading with Honor National Book Release Interview - Lee Ellis


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