Leadership Behavior DNA™

“Good leaders know who they are—their strengths, weaknesses, passions, talents, and values. And, developing leaders always starts with self-awareness.” – Lee Ellis

World class organizations create a culture for great leaders, and we provide the best leadership training and tools in the industry to help you.

All organizations have the following goals in common –

  • To successfully fulfill their mission and vision
  • To attract and retain high-quality, competent people
  • To manage all resources well
  • To establish and maintain a brand reputation for excellence


The key to achieving all of these goals is having competent leaders and staff. People are your most valuable asset, and knowing each team member’s natural strengths and struggles is an invaluable component of developing people and improving organizational effectiveness.


Based on more than 30 years of research and experience in developing leaders, Leadership Behavior DNA™ (formerly the N8Traits®), led by nationally-recognize leadership consultant, trainer, subject matter expert, Lee Ellis, focuses on some of the key behavioral issues of leadership, helping managers understand their unique strengths and struggles. With this awareness, they can adapt their leadership style to help each person reach their full potential.


This scientifically validated service evaluates natural behavior and operating styles using 8 primary factors and 24 sub-factors to clarify an individual’s leadership DNA talents. Simply put, we know how to help you and your team discover their personal leadership style.

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